France has Invaded My Computer!

When I open up FireFox, it should default to Google’s home page (USA).

All of a sudden tonight, when I open FireFox it is going to…



And if I change the URL in the Address Bar, it just goes back to the same French Google Home Page!!

And even if I clear out all Cookies, the same things happens when I open FireFox…

What is going on?!



P.S. I am currently in the Midwest USA - nowhere near France!!!

Why should it go there? Is that what you have set as your default home page?

Home Page:


What happens if you replace it with this:

If I set [noparse][/noparse] as my home page, I get redirected to the Australian version, but using the above link as the home link stops that from happening.

Of course now that we are talking about it, the problem stopped… (At least temporarily?!)

When I quite out of FireFox and went back in, I was taken to…

(All without taking your advice…)

What is up with that?!


Maybe a google hickup :slight_smile:

Usually, google takes you to the google of your country, even if you write another google url in your browser. Or at least to the country it thinks you’re in. So if you were connecting through a proxy from france, it would show you

But I’m sure you’re not using proxies, so it probably was some temporary mix up somewhere.

Yup, the NSA has these little blunders from time to time! LOL

I can’t comment in your case, Debbie, but my own rule of thumb is that if my PC exhibits unexpected behaviour more than once in a limited period of time, I reinstall the OS.

The reason is that viruses/trojans/rootkits etc have become so complex nowadays and have become so good at hiding themselves, this is the closest you are likely to come to discovering you have one.


Nah, she’s on a Mac. Can’t be a virus. :shifty: [/ot]

Oh yeah, well spotted.

Hehe, just as well I do run a virus barrier on my machine. :slight_smile:

I’m connecting from the Midwest USA, so not a proxy issue.


Maybe not so funny after all, Ralph… :shifty:


Good advice, although I’m on a nearly brand new Mac…

That, and the Google issue seems to have went away for now.



That’s odd, if it simply ‘went away’. My thought would be that it’s lurking…just waiting to ‘come back’.