I been coding PHP since 2001… I’m noticing all these Frameworks popping up Cake, CodeIgnitor, Zend etc…

What is the point of having a framework? I reuse my own class files, my own functions i use for projects i really don’t see a point in using a framework

Ya i fully agree with the TomB. Zend though may be a bit complex for beginners. So first get hands dirty with simpler framework like: codeigniter.
Then you can go with Cakephp & Zend.

What about symphony ?? :wink:

To be honest, if you’re just going to look at it to get a feel for frameworks in general Zend may not be the best choice. It’s a bit of a beast with a fairly steep learning curve, you may be better off looking at CodeIgniter.

How long did you spend creating those functions/classes?

By using someone elses you could have saved that amount of time.

Of course creating a framework is a good learning excercise but when you want to get something done quickly why not pick up a framework where 99% of the groundwork is done for you, tried and tested and spend your time developing the features.

If you have been coding since 2001 and still see no use in using a framework, dare I say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? :stuck_out_tongue:

Chances are an existing framework is designed slightly better than one grown organically over years of refactoring. A lot of conscious thought goes into the development and design of most frameworks mentioned. Although each has it’s ugly spots, overall their implementation of MVC is fairly accurate, depending on your requirements as a developer, team, organization, etc.

Reusing classes does not a framework make. A framework, gives your application some what of a standardized architecture, whereas adhoc collection of classes just promotes reuse. If you do not use a framework like Zend or Cake and I inherited your application and a client requested I validate a field I could be spending hours looking for the code to do just that. If you use a framework, at least I know to start in the action controller. Whether you perform validations in the controller, model, or some other obscure layer is entirely up to the developer, but of what I strive for in development of my own framework is consistency and standardization. Validations are always done in the same layer, within the model.


I guess you can say that… in a way i have my own framework with all my Class files and functions…

and thats what my question is about … Why use someone else’s framework when you can create your own?

Isn’t that library you’ve created a framework in itself?

LoL!! i’m only 29yrs old. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess its time to knuckle down and install Zend into my server…

know where i can start? on how to install and checkout all their libraries?