Framework on local server and or App Engine

I’ve been using bonfire (codeigniter) and Joomla on a shared environment, but they are still on php 5.1. When I wanted to try Yii2 for a tutorial, I started looking for a different environment and tried hosting locally for the first time and then discovered Google’s App Engine. Somewhere along the way anything but the most basic tutorial fails me… If it’s just getting some html onto App Engine I’m fine. But any framework for PHP or VMs for Joomla and WordPress leave me with various errors, especially if I’m suppose to do something locally first and then deploy it. Is there a way to check my local enivroment? I’ve installed multiple stacks lately… WAMP, MAMP, and Google’s SDK… and I remember setting a path for WAMP earlier in the week. Maybe all the tutorials are failing 'cause I set something early on and didn’t track back to unset it… Ideally I’d like to get Yii2 on App Engine, but any PHP framework would do for now.

MAMP, XAMPP, and all the rest of that crap is a thing of past. Welcome to toe wonderful world of vagrant and puphpet.


Thank you, I stayed home this evening to try it out. I’ll let you know how it goes!

On my 3rd attempt… I’m getting The following SSH command responded with a non-zero exit status. not sure where to try changing these sudoers… I did note how slow it was cranking away and that WAMP and puPHPet are the only 2 stacks that asked if I was running 32 bit architecture. I wonder if it’s time to invest in a “real” dev machine?

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