FRAMES & BORDERS in GIMP and INKSCAPE (Plugins, Extensions etc.)

I’d like to add some border treatment to this wallpaper I found (Disney’s legendary Claude Coats) —

GEPETTO’s ROOM (Pinocchio)

— and being the lazy person I am :sleeping: something high on technique and low on learning curve: Extensions, Plugins, Addons, Filters, Scripts etc. I have both Gimp and Inkscape, so let me describe the effect I want . . .I’d like to experiment with different frame effects, but at a minimum, expand the graphic on each side by 100px which I’ll reserve for a frame (or effect). The monitor display on my desktop computer is black, so I’ll be centering this illustration onto a black background.

The challenge is to find an aesthetically-pleasing transition from the edges of Coats’s illustration . . . to the black display of my monitor. A gradient fade? but then how would the graft look natural, since it isn’t one color that I’m fading to but a design. A “clone” of some sort? An actual frame? A gradient?
And what are your favorite Plugins/Extensions? Thanks everyone.

I would probably do what you want with Imagemagick as you can write a simple command and the try different things. It is easy to go back or change a couple of values to make an item bigger or smaller.

You could do a simple vignette:

convert disneystudio_pinocchio_gepettosroom.jpg -resize 800x -background black -gravity center -extent 900x760 -vignette 0x20 vignette.jpg

Thanks Rubble, but I lose too much of the graphic. Also — and I cast no aspersions upon the program — ImageMagick is too bloodless for me. If I were batch processing files, yeah I might use it. But for one graphic I’d prefer something with a friendly GUI interface. :flushed:

Can you recommend any sites you go to for plugins on either GIMP or Inkscape?

No offence taken; everybody likes different looks, software etc.

I am afraid I no longer use GIMP and have never used Inkscape; I would check out Google and see what comes up. Also check Google images for frame effects.

That vignette example uses a round frame, perhaps square/rectangle would be more to your liking?

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