Frame Alternative

I have created a page that uses a top frame. I did this so the mp3 player does not reload everything the user browses to another page. Is there a way to accomplish this without using a frame?

Here is the page:

Stevie D is right and you should make more efforts in making your client understand that. this feat is only appropriate (if) for a musician or a band site. make a point by using stats: how many sites have such a feat implemented and what he benefits form it: nothing. customers may also change their minds when they want what your client is offering but the musical background make them associate in a wrong way the two, and choose not to.

all this aside the fact that your page, in order to have that feat, frames or AJAX, sacrifices a lot in terms of html standards for public sites, putting it in a bad place.

play can be good, with inevitable gaps between pages, with a pop-up or option presenting the option of using the feat, remembering and resuming the state of the playlist between pages, but continuous play harms your site.

No. Scrap the frame. Scrap the music too. You should never have music - or any other sound - automatically play when a visitor hits your page.

You don’t know where your visitors are. They might be at work, on a train, in a library - plenty of places where it would be embarrassing to them and irritating to people around them if music starts playing all of a sudden,

You don’t know what your visitors are doing. They might be already listening to radio/music, or watching TV, and not want the unwelcome distraction of unbidden music.

You don’t know what their music tastes are, there’s a good chance they don’t want to listen to your choice of music. If your site was a music site, that’s one reason you might get around, but as your site is not a music site, it holds good.

You don’t know what their connection type is. If they are paying for their data transfer, they probably don’t want to be paying to stream music they didn’t ask for and possibly don’t like.

If I go to a website that starts playing music at me unbidden, I will spend roughly half a second looking for a way to stop it, and if I can’t stop it in that time, I’ll close the site and never go back there.

Not to mention that any on-page solution will involve frames or Ajax, both of which will completely chugger up any hope of a usable or accessible site. Just Say No.

If you absolutely have to give visitors the option to play your choice of music - I don’t know, maybe your target audience is one that, even in this day and age of digital radio and streaming music everywhere, can’t figure out how to find music they like - have it as a link that the user has to activate, which then launches an external application like Media Player, so that it doesn’t interfere with their browsing.

the only other way i can see you accomplishing this is by staying in the same page and serving the other pages content dynamically instead of navigating to new pages: AJAX. that means that your site will fail when JS code is not permited on the end user side. also, regarding your music player, when no flash plug-in allowed/provided on the end user side, frame or no frame, your music will not happen either.

that means you’ll need to provide fallbacks for these scenarios.

or you could forget about frames or ajax, navigate normally, but when passing from one page to another also send info about the current playlist and song time, and resume playing on the new page using these info. or whenever going to another page, load a different song. that way, you can provide a continuous play experience, which, however, will suffer from gaps in the music play in between pages.

@Stevie D

I already brought up all those points to my client but that is what he wants so I am just trying to figure out the best way to do it.