Formatting my form POSTBACK in html containing a Checkbox

Dear Forum,

I’m very new to ASP.NET. I’m trying to set my form to postback in html but with a Checkbox

The form I have works fine and postback to email is ok. After changing it to use html this also works fine, but after adding a Checkbox to the form, this does not postback either true or false depending how it is set in the form. I assume I’m just not coding this correct in either the runat server and or in the myMessage.Body

Here is a small part of how I have set the form for postback in html. The part in orange is the part I assume is incorrect and where I’m trying to read and postback in email when the checkbox is ticked.

myMessage.Body = "<p><b>First Name</b>&nbsp " & _
HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(First_Name.Text) & “</p>” & _
"<p><b>Surname</b>&nbsp " & _
HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(Surname.Text) & “</p>” & “<hr />” & _
"<p><b>Please tick box to confirm you are a fully paid up BISC member</b>&nbsp " & _
“<input id='Checkbox1 type=‘checkbox’ checked =‘True’/>” & _
HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(Checkbox1.Text) & “</p>”

For the The Runat server part code all I have is the following:

Please tick box to confirm you are a fully paid up BISC member:
 <asp:CheckBox id=“Checkbox1” runat=“server” /><br /><br />

Any help or ideas how to code this would be appreciated.


Hi It seems like we both have similar problems but not quite the same. Are you using AutoPostBack=“True” as I thought that captures the selection as it is made?