Formatting issue


Take a look at this page:

I don’t understand why the div element #viewproducts appears near the bottom of the page, when it should be floating right alongside the big image…

Can anyone help?


Ive now had to add a margin-top:-400px which i dont want to do but it’s the only way to get the formatting right…

Why am i having to do this?

Hi, the reason is because you have an anchor before that element and then you have that element.

The anchor is an inline element and as a result the block element that comes after it (the #viewproducts) can’t sit on the same line. You must float the anchor :). You know this Billy.


IT’s the anchor with a lot of inline styles. That code I just posted is the element with the id=“mainImage” :slight_smile:

Ahh, you know i was working on this VERY late in the morning so i must have overlooked it.

You were the one who taught me always to use floats first :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Glad to help :). And I know I was lol ;).