Formatting by spammers

The internet will be more dangerous when spammers learn how to format messages more professionally and learn proper grammar. The formatting nearly always makes it obvious that spam is spam.

I don’t really have a question except to ask if everyone understands what I mean.

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Unfortunately, I understand exactly what you mean. And the future is bleak.


Yes, AI and the accessibility it now has is making it an enabler for the inept. :roll_eyes:

Though maybe now the giveaway will be it’s too well written.


noooooooo :<

but fr while i was getting ready for launch on Product Hunt, the sheer AMOUNT of AI products and bots in replies…like, can we all collectively chill about AI?

it’s awful to watch cause you go on there to network and connect and all you see are pages upon pages of stuff like ‘read AI books!’, ‘view AI art!’ like hello?? the point? of literature is?? the human??? condition???

slkjhdbfgnlkjsdfnghlkjd i just get so heated ahahhaa also when people go like ‘yeah AI is gonna take all the programming jobs away’ yeah right like ur AI can perform an interpretive dance w a tambourine so that a perfectly well-written code that has NOTHING WRONG W ITTTT and just doesn’t work suddenly starts working.

anyway there are very few things i loathe more than this incessant plug of AI everywhere. gah.

apologies for the caps lock. i just. emotions. AI could never.