Format grid columns for accepting date

using windows forms

currently wht i have fr binding the grid is

in form load i hve
select , p.pname ,0 as QTY, p.RATE, AMOUNT, p.dtfrm as From_DT,p.dtto as To_DT from PRDT left join M_customer C On C.Cid = t.cust_id left join M_prdt P On = where t.cust_id = " & dropdown1.SelectedValue & "
grid_trans.DataSource = ds1.Tables(“trans”)
grid_trans.AllowUserToAddRows = False
grid_trans.Columns(0).Visible = False

grid_trans.Columns(5).DefaultCellStyle.Format = DateFormat.ShortDate
grid_trans.Columns(6).DefaultCellStyle.Format = DateFormat.ShortDate

thios is how i bind the grid on the form load
from this tell me wht to do
need to format the above columns for accepting date

In your database schema, how is p.dtfrm and p.dtto defined? Are they date/time columns or varchar?

they r datetime in database

It has been a while since I have done this, but there are two things to consider, 1) if your dataset is not strongly typed, you may need to use the itemdatabound event on the data grid to format the particular columns to be ShortDate. 2) or if it isn’t strongly typed you can make a strongly typed dataset and use that, which would mean your current code should work.

My gut is telling me that if you look into your dataset, you will see the type is of string because it isn’t a strongly typed dataset. Otherwise, I don’t see an obvious reason why your code isn’t working.

still not able to do it.
i jst want to bind a grid which has date column
& the user shld be able to add date in each row of the date column
if no date is added the default date of 01/01/1900 shld be saved in db

Have you ever tried the DateTimePicker?

no i hAVNT TRIED datepicker
i tried to enter value in the column as 05/05/2012

Ah, I would use a date picker, or try entering the date as 2012-05-05

not able to make it workable still.
forget entering any data in the grid. even if the grid gets focus i getthe error
in my db tbl which is binded to the grid has 2 fields with data type datetime