Form Validation issue javascript


I am working on simple project and it’s for the institute Class project where i am learning php. i have to submit the project as soon as possible. But i am doing it different way then of i was supposed. Instead of validation message i want to use a picture or icon with Red error icon and Green yes icon as you can check in the attached picture. I am calling a function on submit button and if there is any error then using document.GetElementById(‘error’).style.background=“none” and =“pic url”. I am getting output but it’s just for a second then disappeared. I have already attached the Screen Shot to get the full idea.

Mainly i want to display red icon on error and green one when there is not error.

What may be happening is that the form is being submitted, which doesn’t allow your error indicator to be seen for very long.
If an error does occur, you can prevent the form from being submitted by returning false to the onsubmit event of the form.