Form to existing database

Easy? Yeah, probably when you know how. I should know better than to ask this as I probbly won’t understand the answer.

Made a spreadsheet,
imported it into an email manager ( PhpList)
sent a newsletter to the list - successful
many on the list have only email - some have first and family name etc.

The big challenge.
Want to email the list and ask them to go to me nice liddle web form and put in their first and family names and instead of the info going just to an email (like I’ve done the past), I want it to go to that person’s record in the database.
Can one’s hand be held patiently or is this a job for an expert?
linus server, mysql etc


Quick and easy way?

Seeing as you mentioned spreadsheets take a look at google forms, video or search [google]google forms[/google].

If that doesn’t suit, say so and someone here will likely find a PHP/Mysql tutorial to link to.

I know there is a way around for your task, using your email list manager conjoined with a web form builder such as 123ContactForm (a fine tool I’ve been using for a year on several of my projects). Here are the steps to it:

First, you need to define unique identifiers for each of your database entries (e.g. person’s name). Insert those identifiers in your email manager.
Second, create your email form with a set of pre-filled fields that will contain those identifiers. The URL of the form will look something like
Last, synch your form with a WebHooks script that will fill in your database/spreadsheet based on those identifiers.

It may sound complicated, but it isn’t. Here is the info you need on creating forms with preset values.

Let me know how it works for you.

Thank you so far folks!