Form question


I have added a PayPal “donate” button to my website. I need to add a small form that will collect some information when a person “donates” money to the foundation (so that tax info can be sent to that person). I don’t believe there is a way that I can set it up via PayPal to collect this info.

How would I set up a secure form to the donate page that collects a person’s information and when they hit the donate button, the donation info goes through to the paypal website as intended, and the form info comes to me???


A simple option would be to present people with the personal details form first, and once they submit that, they are taken to a page with the donate button. You could head the first page with “Step One” and the second with “Step Two”, just to make the process clear (but that’s just a suggestion).

i agree with Ralph, the first step will collect this information then once they hit the donate button they can be rediricted to your paypal secure form payment…

you can not do form thing with paypal button but rather you can make a pop up window containing the form and when donation page loads then this pop up windows appears automatically.thats all.