Form.label problem

Contact Me Page

I’m having trouble with my message label form.

From my another monitor it seems fine.

I though it was supposed to look like this,

Contact Me Page

Give the third list item the same class as the first, class=“msgname”

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Yes, that will do it. (Off topic: You might want to think of a more professional head title for your web design services site. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Contact me Page
From different browsers or monitors, the Skype icon went up or gone.

From different browsers or monitors, the Skype icon went up or gone.

Hi, throw clear:left on #contactInfo

It went down :bear:

It’s supposed to be like this

Contact Me Page

Just change this

background: url(‘…/images/skype.png’) no-repeat 10px 73px;

to this

background: url(‘…/images/skype.png’) no-repeat 10px 0;

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Can I be hired with my website now? :sweat:

Perhaps get someone who is good a English to rewrite the text that the user will see. Other than that, sure! If you want reviews on the website, just make a new thread and ask!

What do you mean rewrite?

Your English isn’t the best. It’s evident on your website. Get someone to redo your text. That’s just one mans recommendation though.

:cold_sweat:Thanks anyway though.

I already changed it. Does it still suck now?

Help me soon! lol

Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

Topic is Private.

Why I can’t access the critique section, I have posted my sites before there though.

Perhaps you missed this announcement:

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The Review section was deleted. Depending what you want reviewed (content, code, etc) find the appropriate forum (e.g. if you want content reviewed, go to the Content forum) and start a thread there.

I’m assuming you tried to go to a really old thread of yours and revive it.

Edit- Ninja’d :frowning: .

Thanks y’all

Work Site

I updated my contact form and it broke. Is it from my li.msgname again?

Thank you

Looks like it is working properly to me. It may not look the way you wish it would, but it is not broken. What did you do to “update” your form and how do you see it as “broken”?

As you can see in the image the input box for the email address went down.

I guess its from the monitor resolution?

You said that you “updated” your message form. What did you do to “update” it? I assume that the “update” is what made the form field go down, but you have not said what you did. If would be helpful if you explained what you did.