Form bot prevention

I’m searching internet and looking for advice, how to prevent form from bot spamming?
Is honeypot method still useful? What about captcha?
I hope you can give me advice.

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I suppose it depends what the form is for. I have a couple of things that helped stop form spam.

1/ Do not name the form something obvious like contact - helped stop the bots from finding it. I am not sure if this works now but it can’t do any harm.
2/ I check for a http or www in the form and if it contains either the form is not submitted. This would be a problem if you are expecting links! I see hundreds of hits on my contact forms but I do not get any spam from it. I have a note saying if you want to need to send me a link to email and if I feel like it I will give them a direct email address.

I’m building registration form. What exactly you mean by check http or www, bots are inserting links or what?
Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

As I say it depends on the form and in your case preventing links would not be of help as I assume you are not accepting comments/messages.

One other method I have just remembered is to check the time the page is loaded and then submitted. Bots would do it a lot quicker than a user; so prevent anyone submitting if the time is to short. Again I do not know if spammers take this into concideration and deliberately slow the bots down.

I suppose all the tricks help a little bit.

Thank you very much, I will try these methods.
Best regards!

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