Form action

I have not worked with forms that much and I was woundering if I have a picture name forwarded to a form. Something like below?

<form method=“post” action=“”>
<input name=“textarea” type=“hidden” value=“Action Heroes” />
<a target=“_parent” href=“”>
<img class=“expando” border=“0” src=“bin1/ActionH.jpg” width=“142” height=“106” title=“Action Heroes”></a></a></p>
<a href=“ActionH.jpg” title=“Action Heroes”></span>

So, I have

and the first picture has a select by mouse over and double clicking on that picture, which then opens

with the ornament area filled in with that pictures name?

Or through a config.php file

Thanks for the reply, I get the first and second part of the code, but the third part I am not clear on. Do I rename the url with the ?key1=value1&key2=value2 If so, the ? does not work in a url.

One thing you could do is pass the data through a url based query.
Here’s how you’d do that:

<a target="_parent" href="">
<img class="expando" border="0" src="bin1/ActionH.jpg" width="142" height="106" title="Action Heroes"></a>

Then in your PHP, you’d do this:

<textarea cols="20" rows="3" name="comments" id="comments"><?php if(isset($_GET['ornament'])) echo $_GET['ornament']; ?></textarea>

You pass values to the PHP Superglobal Array “$_GET” by using Key/Value pairs in the url, structured like this:

If you set a request url for each image you can make each one fill the form with its data.