Foreach error

I ran into this error

on this

include '../db/pdo_conn.php'; 

echo '<pre>';print_r($_POST);echo '</pre>';

	  $project_id = (int)$_POST['project_id'];
		foreach($_POST['assets'] AS $index => $asset) {
			$sql = "UPDATE assets SET project_id = ".$project_id." WHERE asset_id = ".$asset[$index];    

			echo $sql."<br>";
			} catch(PDOException $e){
				die("ERROR: Could not able to execute $sql. " . $e->getMessage());
			header("location: add_assets_success.php?id=".$project_id."");



I dont know what this means

foreach($_POST[‘assets’] AS $index => $asset) {

Looking at the print_r of $_POST[‘assets’] compared to your foreach statement you can see that $index represents the KEYS in the $_POST[‘assets’] array (0,1,2) and $asset represents the VALUES in the $_POST[‘assets’] array. So $asset is singular value like (2,3,4) and not an array with [KEYS], so $asset[$index] will throw an error as $index is not a key of $asset.



would give you the foreach value OR you could sumply use


as it represents the VALUES in the $_POST[‘assets’] array.

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And for future reference just copy/paste your error into a code block. Much easier to read than images. And much much easier to copy from.


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