Forced Fields and Fuzzy Dates

Okay, I’m a little groggy so I might have missed something…BUT! Someone wrote in about the wanting to have a loose date field. That is a preferable way to go in some cases…I think when age isn’t required and people being sensitive about age and such it is far superior to allow the person to feel as if they have a choice… I actually dislike these forced fields a little…and then there was talk of moment.js or just moment();…And the absolute precision - I looked it up and it was quite thorough - but really bland reading. Now,what is more worthwhile to discuss in detail…the precise date of today or the fuzzy date of the abstract past. The later, of course. With the obvious question of "is there an opposite to the “moment” and if not there probably should be.

Okay, so I have a feeling this was meant as a reply to an existing topic instead of a new topic, but I haven’t found one yet that relates to the discussion you are starting to have…

Can you shed some more light on this topic?

I don’t know if I can shed light, but I can try to convey my message better. It’s that the first thing I see is that “we” needed to liven up the discussion and the first question is a non-answer to an interesting topic and then a topic later a boring discussion about moment()…I can think of many many reasons as a programmer you’d be more interested in the formating issue around dates…and obviously, a philosophical bonus to it.

Sorry - you’ve lost me. I’m all in favour of livening up discussions, but which ones are you referring to here?

Well, for one thing I found it sort of unusual that the password for this site had a “strength meter”. Most places have sort of given up the ghost on that one. .that’s one topic! .if one thinks on it. But same with dates.Google Analytics probably had a long in depth discussion about whether to leave the date of birth up to the users discretion (I know since I shave off a couple of years)…so…in the days of Analytics perhaps dates are a “tell”…to the people in the know. And thus interesting programatically…but I will leave it there…

Paul, this is one of the most confusing threads that I’ve ever read! It seems to be missing context.

It’s great to have you on board though. How did you find out about us?