For Dreamweaver site what's best CMS or how to add visitor comments

Need to add visitor comments, visitor profile pages, registration - what’s best option for my Dreamweaver not-yet-launched site? Don’t like Wordpress at all. Want to use MySQL/php for database but haven’t figured it out yet, & programmer I had moved away :frowning:

CMS needs to be able to handle hundreds of web pages, not just a “blog” - and will also include visitor uploads of videos (via youtube) & visitor photo uploads (via photo gallery perhaps).

Use ModX. You can create static templates, do all your templating work in DW . With ModX you’ll be integrating the cms into your design, not the other way around.

Will look at it. Anything “bad” about it (just so I’m prepared)?

I am not entitled to suggest a CMS, but for comments it is fairly simple since you can use Disqus. <snip>

Every CMS has its limitations and drawbacks, depending on what you need it to do and how much of an experienced programmer you are to get it to do things that aren’t necessary built-in.

Is there any particular reason why you think poorly of wordpress? I’ve found it to be rather flexible.

Joomla, but the UI and templating system tend to be cludgy and complex.

Drupal is another freebie.

ExpressionEngine is another one.

Don’t like Wordpress because my site is rather large and I want to maintain control of it - don’t want to fit my Dreamweaver pages into it and have to use its Dashboard etc. Plus, for the future I want to use data from my visitor comments in other ways, like allowing visitors to create personal profiles and see everything they’ve ever done/uploaded on the site. Joomla was a nightmare to learn & it looked terrible. Drupal is supposedly super difficult to learn. Will check out ExpressionEngine…

Disqus requires visitors to sign in to comment, but they’ll already have to sign in to the site, so double sign in :frowning:

I noticed that Disqus has been adding advertising links to each comment section. Something to be careful about if working with client website.

I’m sure there are several plugins available for member management and profiles.