Footer Not Sticking to the bottom

Hi I have a footer that is not sticking to the bottom of the page currently looks like:

Which browser are you using? The footer is at the bottom of the page in Firefox 66 on Ubuntu 18.10.

You have quite a number of errors on that page, so sorting those out would be a good first step. Without valid code browsers can only “guess” what you intend.

HTML validator:

CSS validator:

What code have you put in place to make this happen?

I can’t see any code in your page that would make this happen which means the footer will just sit under the content.

You could use flex to create a sticky footer but I don;t know how well it will play with what you have.


Add this code:

body {display:flex;flex-direction:column;min-height:100vh;}

A sticky footer does not happen automagically :slight_smile:

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im using chrome

I havent put any code…

It worked, didnt break anything else!

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