Footer Issues in IE7

Ok this site is working in all except for IE7 with the footer at the bottom…

Please take a look and let me know what I can do to fix this.


Hi, the problem is that you are trying to do a sticky footer, but you are supposed to have the #container be min-height:100% and not height:100%;

Min-height:100% will push the footer down if there is more content (which it should)

height:100%; will just have content hang out if it overexceeds the height.

Remove the height:100% rule and change it to min-height:100%, then add the IE6 support

* html #container{height:100%;}

it is working ok in IE6,

I have to do the same for the page I am working onsince i have just set up marging to push the footer down instead of using a sticky footer.

I have heard not to worry about internet explorer 5 since it is out of date, I have since your website need a little work in internet explorer 5.

are using one css stylesheet for everything or are you using IE conditionals?

Co.ador, it is working fine in IE6 because right now height:100% is set on it which makes it like min-height (what real browsers need)
Just to clarify :slight_smile:

I changed this and it works but you will see in some sections the white now doesnt go all to the bottom, how can I fix this it is only in IE7 works great in FF

FF/Ie7 are displaying identical right now :slight_smile:

Check this page, in IE7 here the white content spot does not go all the way to the footer for some reason, but in Firefox it does.

Once again #container has height:100% on that page instead of min-height

Follow what I did in my first post. If you need help someone else can respond, I gotta go or I’ll be late for work.

Good luck :slight_smile: