Footer Cross-Browser Issue

My footer links have strange spacing in Chrome versus Firefox. I’d like the links to be closer together as Firefox displays. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

This isn’t your only footer problem, but the line-height(s) here (line 667) are not what you want:

#website:hover, a:visited {
padding: 5px;
background: rgb(51, 51, 51);
width: 150px;
height: 40px;
[COLOR="#FF0000"]line-height: 40px;[/COLOR]
text-decoration: none;
[COLOR="#FF0000"]/* line-height: 40px; */[/COLOR]


As you have so much content in that footer its not ideal to have a fixed height sticky footer so I suggest you upgrade to my fluid height version (IE8+ only) which will cater for all footer content no matter what the height.