Foorter Not Matching

Hi Guys,

Am working on a website and for some strange reason the footer isn’t matching to my demo footer. I have deleted the theme and re-uploaded it, gone through the code and still no luck

I want the footer of this website to extend like the footer on the demo.

Demo website:

Working site:

I have used element but no luck.

Thanks guy

Am sorry guys, I didn’t realize I had the password on. I have now removed the password.

Thanks for your help guys.

You need to take a peek at the source code via your browser’s inspector. There you’ll see that the .footer-widgets div is stuck within an #inner div that has a set width, while this is not the case on the demo site.

This could either be by design or by accident. The validator has flagged some coding error on your page (unclosed elements etc.) that could cause layout issues:

@ Ralph, thanks for your help. Am not sure I understand what you saying. I have copied the stylesheet from the demo website but still no change.

The problem is not in the style sheet but in the actual HTML itself. The HTML on your actual site isn’t identical to the code on the test site. Copy and paste the code from the dev server to you actual site and that should resolve your problem.

I replaced the files from demo to the actual website, but still getting the challenge. At this point am not sure what am doing wrong.

OK, maybe we should back up a bit. What steps are you taking to build this layout? As mentioned, the HTML is quite different from the demo.

Actually it’s a Studiopress theme and it’s using the Balance child theme.

I deleted the theme and uploaded a new one but, still am having the same issue.

OK, checking that theme’s demo page, it’s clear that there are coding errors that are causing the footer to get stuck inside the “inner” div. That will be due to the errors I linked to above.

Are you touching the code in any way? Because something is messing it up. Please check the validator link I gave you above and see if you can address the issues shown there.

Thank you, thank you. You are heaven sent. It was one of the widgets with custom HTML causing problems.

Ah, I did wonder if it was some kind of add-on. Glad that pushed you in the right direction! I’m not very experienced with WP.

Demo still seeking for Password… Please provide password so that I can analyze.

The issue was resolved, so no need any more. :slight_smile: