Fonts: Latin Extended A, B

On Google Fonts there is the choice of Latin and Latin extended. What are the differences? On Wikipedia there is Latin Extended A and b. What are these? Are they anything to do with Google Font’s Latin Extended?

By the way, is there a complete list of latin characters anywhere?

I looked at a few languages (French, German, Swedish, Dutch) and it seems they only have a few characters extra on top of the standard A–Z. For example, Swedish only has three extra characters:


Unless you’re using a non-Latin based language (e.g. for Russian you would use Cryllic), isn’t the requirement for diacritics quite limited? When would you ever need or use all these extended Latin characters?

Please forgive my ignorance!



This is not really a CSS question as such so I’ll move the thread to the general web design forum.:slight_smile:

I’m afraid my knowledge of fonts is pretty limited but have a look at Tommy’s guide to character encoding which covers some of the ground that you may need to know about.

Here are some other links that might help ( you’ve probably seen already anyway).