Font-size probelm


I don’t understand why I cannot change the font-size of .guarantee in

I’ve tried everything including !important, adding or taking out

Obviously some later code is taking over, but I looked at FF Firebug, whic is new to me, and can’t understand how to read it to solve the problem


My understanding of “Inherited from” is that e.g. I did not have to specify color as it was already in .ad as black.

yet, until I added

.guarantee p{
   font-size:16px !important;
    color:black !important;

the color was blue and there no other way of putting it back in black…

Hi there qim,

it is extremely important that the adding of !important should not
be used in the off hand manner that you employ in your coding. :cold_sweat:

It can create more problems than it can solve. :mask:

Instead, improve your coding skills to make it’s use unnecessary. :blush:

This snippet…

.ad p { font-size: 21px !important; text-align:center !important; color:blue; font-family:"Segoe UI",Tahoma,Helvetica,Sans-Serif!important; margin-right:10px; }
…is rigidly setting the font-size that you are attempting to alter. :sunglasses:

If the above answer is not to your liking then just use this mess…

.ad .guarantee p { font-size:16px!important; }


Thank you coothead

I moved he code up and it seems to have solved the problem, for now.

Look like I have to do some spring-cleaning to this page, but then we have not even got to autumn yet!

Hi there qim,

This may interest you…




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