Font Question

Hi guys!

Just wanted to know what rule of thumb people use when choosing font type for a particular website design? Do you choose two different fonts, one for headers and one for content? Or same throughout? Or any other methods you go about when choosing your font?

Look forward to your reply guys, Thanks!

This might be kind of off-topic, but I would first be checking if you have sorted out your content, layout and so on. Usually, if you sort out matters like that, the font type / style kind of suggests itself.

i prefer using a different font on my header menu, but i always use the same on H1’s H2’s and content, only other sizes :slight_smile:

I think fonts should go with the theme of the blog or website. There is really no clear “forbidden fonts”. What is important is that it is readable and attractive to look at for a certain theme.

Generally I prefer to use the same font throughout, maybe something decorative for headers if it suits the content, but most of what I do is SME websites who want something quite conservative/“corporate” and it’s always best to keep the font styles the same to get that look. Can’t help but think of the early days of Frontpage when people crammed as many font styles, sizes and colours as possible onto every page and it just ended up looking a mess.

First rule would be not to make use of one consistent font for each tag. All H1s, H2s, H3s and Ps should be same. The choice of font would depend on the design. Personally, for the Hs I tend to look at something from Google Fonts. The Ps are usually Arial.

if you are giving heading in your content then to keep it different from other content like the paragraph under it you can choose another font for it.