Font is not showing?

I have a page and am trying to change the font-family inside the list by using

.list li {
line-height:1.3em; list-style-image: none;
list-style-type: none;    font-family: 'HoeflerText-Regular', 'Hoefler  Text', 'Times New Roman', serif; */


What am I doing wrong?


It appears to be working on my end. I would probably remove the “/*” characters as those are typically used for commenting out specific portions of your code and I do not see a definitive start and stop comment set.

It may be that the font is not available or not active on your machine. Also please list what browser and operating system you are on…

Hope this helps!


What’s that random */ doing in there? I suspect that may be the problem…

Also remember that Hoefler is not a widely-used font, and TNR is just plain awful on a web page. If you want a serif font, I’d recommend putting something like Georgia in there before TNR, otherwise that bit of your page is going to look horrible for most people…