@font-face working as expected in ie7, not ie8

So I’m using the Lato font face on one of our public sites, and in ie7 the light weight is displaying as expected, ie8 is heavier and closer to a ‘regular’ weight.

Did something change between ie7 to ie8 on how it handles the @font-face rule?

site is:
GeoComfort Geothermal Systems

thanks for any insight.

It may be something to do with cleartype which IE8 enables by default I believe. You can uncheck it the tools menu and see if it makes a difference.

nope, light weights are still rendering regular to semi-bold. Amazes me how a single company’s product can drag down a global utility such as the internet.

And with all the negative press ie gets, people STILL don’t jump ship to another browser.

You may need to disable cleartype form the windows control panel instead. I know that when I enabled cleartype all the fonts became fatter.

Of course that may be nothing to do with the issue :slight_smile: