Font doesn't seem to work in an online version


For some reason a font I am using (Agency HB) will only work when I am using it in offline mode, even though the folders and code are exactly the same.

The online version is:

And the header for the offline version looks like this:

Do I have to link the url to a website, such as google fonts?

Thanks for any help!

This basically comes down to the fonts file not being found

Yes basically, but the folder is correct. It’s exactly the same as in the offline version which works.

It’s there. What do the CSS @font-face rules look like?

Maybe it’s case - “TTF” vs. “ttf”?

@font-face {
font-family: agencyHB;
src: url(fonts/agencyHB.ttf);

All of the css related to the font is in


Try making TTF ↔ ttf consistent
Some OS aren’t as picky about case and for them
MixeDuPpeR is the same as mixedupper
Others need it to be exact.

Will try this. Do you have any idea why it seems to work in an offline version though and not the online?

Edit: Missed in your post about the OS, so I’m guessing its browser compatibility or something?

The server probably cares more about case sensitivity.

Makes sense!

Perfect fix, thanks!

I’m guessing you’re developing locally on Windows, which isn’t case-sensitive, IIRC, and your on-line server is Linux, which is case-sensitive.

Yes, I am using a Linux server so this would make sense. Thanks!

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