Font being rendered: System Default issue

Hi, just would like to ask if my coding is correct ?
I created a table and from my font behaviour :


font-family (stack): PT Sans Regular
Font being rendered: System Default
font-size: 13px

source :

While comparing the same thing with the cms :


font-family (stack): PTSansRegular,“Trebuchet MS”,Helvetica,Garuda,sans-serif
Font being rendered: PTSansRegular
font-size: 13px

source :

I tried to include the font code in my coding but somehow it is not working either. There is still difference with the one from my cms

<td width=‘26%’ style=‘background-color:black’><b><font color=‘#ffffff’ face=‘PTSansRegular,Trebuchet MS,Helvetica,Garuda,sans-serif’ size=‘2.8’><center>Theme</center></td>;

I noticed the difference im able to see here is :

Font being rendered: PTSansRegular ----> cms
Font being rendered: System Default ----> my table

Is it due to the system default which it is using another font for the display ?
how can i fix this so that the font is the same with my cms ?

Much appreciate it. THank you

From what i saw (& took a very quick look)

  1. you may have put in too much code & some is over riding the other.
  2. some of the code is not correct?
    saw you hard coded in the html you had face=" PT Sans Regular" but i think the correct code is @font-face. when i changed it to @font-face=“arial” it displayed a diff fonts

see attached image, there is more than likely more clean up involved here that you’ll have to do.
I would suggest scrubbing the code and starting fresh,especially removing the hard coded styles from the html first
Best wishes

The real problem here is that you are using seriously outdated coding methods for this. There are modern methods for doing this, with CSS and @font-face, which I recommend you use instead.