Following other people's progress

Does anyone else like to see what other people are doing to develop their skills? This article went up a couple of days back. I was in the venue he’ll be based at, a week or so back, doing a JS course, and I’m interested in doing the WDI course myself.

I’ll be curious to see how he gets on.

I would love to stay 3 months away from work and improve my skills… unfortunately, if I want my checks coming every month and keep my job, that’s not possible. In other countries there’s a bit of flexibility for this type of thing but not in mine.

I hope he’ll do well.

Yeah I like to read people’s experiences doing these sorts of courses… especially these bootcamp style ones, as I’m curious as to what they’re like and how effective they are.

Me too. It requires a massive leap of faith, and confidence in one’s own abilities to get through it to make it work.

That makes two of us. Both the people teaching the JS course has done it, and spoke highly of the experience (they would as they were now teaching for GA I guess). What’s more, both were employed as a result of it.

@callmenick is doing something similar at Hack Reactor at the moment, or maybe he’s already finished it by now.

it’s always amazing to watch for the professionals. Unfortunately it’s also difficult to make a break in work and to spend some time on some master-classes or courses.

definitely, I would like to read more about other people’s experiences in such stuff. JS techniques and tips he employed are very informative. :blush:

May be everyone want to see it. I am also interested.

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