Followed a tutorial on resizing?

I found this nice tutorial to resize an image,

I tried to add it in order to resize ll the images in a directory, but its not working, I cant figure out whats wrong?


$dirname = "images/".$_GET['id']."/";
$dirthumbsname = "images/".$_GET['id']."/thumbs/";
$images = scandir($dirname);
$ignore = Array(".", "..","feature.jpg","bad","thumbs");

    foreach($images as $curimg){
        if(!in_array($curimg, $ignore)) {
        // *** 1) Initialise / load image
        $resizeObj = new resize($dirname.$curimg);
        // *** 2) Resize image (options: exact, portrait, landscape, auto, crop)
        $resizeObj -> resizeImage(200, 200, 'exact');
        // *** 3) Save image
        $resizeObj -> saveImage($dirthumbsname.$curimg, 100);


Are you getting an error, or what?

yes, its on

when I check the error log, I see nothing, do you see

think you might be better using golb() to get your files lists

I see no error, I guess you’ve resolved your problem?

Yes, I did, thanks…