Folder lock software?

hi all!
Which is the best folder lock software in your mind right now? Please share with me what you consider as best and safest. Thanks

I don’t need to, since I don’t organise stuff in folders in my mind. It’s more of an ocean of thoughts and memories, some of which sit on the surface, and some of which I need to dive for a bit to access.

In all seriousness, I’ve never used any folder-locking software. But if this is on Windows, you can restrict access to folders just by setting permissions (right click the folder > Properties > Security tab).

ok Raffles!
I tried what you suggested on my PC and i am using Windows XP.
I right clicked on my folder to go on sharing and security tab and once i was there, i could see a check box “make your folder private” but to my astonishment that checkbox was not available to me.
I mean that was blurred or unavailable to click on :frowning:

Now why is that So? Can you please help me in this regard?

Are you logged in with an account with administrator privileges?

yes yes i am logged in with administrator privileges but my pc is also on a local area network. May be this is the problem???