Flummoxed by Images For Loop

I have been struggling with this for some time, so must be on the wrong track. I have not yet got to grips with Javascript and the examples I have seen do not involve images.
I have loaded the images from Mysql database correctly,
what I want to do is click on an image and display the enlarged version in a popup.
I am trying to do this with a for loop but all I achieve is a display of the same image. I suspect the for loop is not executing, no errors are reported.
Can you help me to understand the problem and how I get around it, please ?
I have omitted the PHP as this is working but can provide the whole code if it helps.
I have put my code on CodePen as WhatShipTest

Can you give us a link to your CodePen?

Sorry. http:/www.codepen.io/almudaina/pen/xOjBmw


The terms on each side of the equals sign need to be flipped around.

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