Fluid Site Trouble

Hello, I’m having some issues trying to make a fluid site, where height and width is both 100% but having some issues in different browsers.

Can someone give me a hand to make this look more correctly in all browsers and work properly.

Inside pages, will have more than just the 4 boxes on the right it’ll have 8 but the heights of them will be smaller.

Here is the URL…


Thanks if someone could take a look at it quickly that be much appreciated.

Many thanks, you guys are the best.


Also, when you rollover the Find your way tab is there a way to hide the text I got there with CSS and make it transition into the image and background?



I’d also like it so it has equal amount of white space around everything like 5px; right now I’m probably doing it incorrectly to get it but it isnt all equal, any ideas on easiest way to do this using the layout I got. Really could use a second opinion on best way to lay it out for full fluid width and height site.


New thread now at http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?860338-Roll-Over-Issue-Hide-Text-When-Rolled-Over