Floating elems: MUST have width set?

[FONT=Verdana]I have a bunch of floated <ul>'s… I find if I add width the layout gets kind of messed up…:wink:
(not really messed up, just not what I want… I would have to set diff widths for diff <ul>'s if I set widths… right now they’re just the width of the widest <li>… which are all just one-liners…)

(there are “dividers” betw them (1px-wide divs w/left & right margins that act as vertical “lines” betw the <ul>'s… maybe you don’t need width for the <ul>'s if they have these block elems in between them?)

asking b/c my understanding is CSS specs says you have to set width for floated elems (although w/o widths set they work fine in FF, IE, Chrome…)

thank you…[/FONT]

I think they said set width becaus of ie6 maybe 7. But those are gone now. If you float without a width it will just shrink wrap the text. If that’s what you want it’s fine then.

awesome… thanks…

Keep in mind though that if text size is increased so to will your floated div.