Float problem

i m working this website and the content as well as the right sidebar doesn’t flow side by side with left sidebar, it start below the left sidebar.this is is a liquid layout. what shld i do to fix it?


container is set to 100% width. if you want these side by side, you do like

  • assume the box they are both in, is 100% wide. This is how much room you have.

  • left sidebar you set to 20% width. That’s okay. This means you only have, at MOST, 80% room left for the main content stuff.

set container to something a bit smaller than 80% (so you can add some side margin or something so there’s some space between the two sides), like… try width: 75% on container. If this doesn’t bring it up, keep setting a smaller width until it works (cause I see some widget things? and I don’t know if they also take up some space or not). At some point, container will be small enough that it will fit next to sidebar, instead of dropping down like it is now.


Thanks, that help, yet i m stuck on another problem, the scroll bar and space between content and right sidebar is too much, i m trying to fix it. but its not happening.

Hi, as you’ve been told in the past, your layout is really flawed and this answer is as best as I can give you :).

Your Content is only taking up 60% width and isn’t goign all the way over as a result. Add in the following CSS to the Content and you will see how big it actually is. Note that the original width is 60%, however putting it at 70% gives it some nice width, along with some decent spacing still :).


Don’t blame me, blame wordpress. its there theme. i m just overriding the css.

Although much thanks Ryan and Stomme

The CSS is the problem I’m talking about. The HTML structure isn’t overly bad, it’s just your method of positioning I hate :), sorry.

Glad to hear we could help.