Flipping Website Redesign/ Development - Next Step?


I am looking for some advice with my current project.

I am a web developer by trade and decided to delve into the website flipping pot a year or two ago buying the rights to my first domain & ebook flipperspoint.

After advertising the ebook on one forum only I received a fairly good return on investment but decided that I could take that specific ebook and website no further.

That was last year as I had been busy with other work. I have since completely redesigned the website with a modern and eye catching design:

I also developed a back-end admin system which enables me to easily edit the e-book details (name, price etc…), Edit paypal details and change all SEO aspects to help get a better google position.

The backend also displays a list of purchases using the paypal api system, expiry dates and allows me to extend the download period for the e-book per user:

Now all the background stuff is out the way I am looking to expand the e-book by double the content and rebrand.

As I am still relativley new to website flipping I am seeking the knowledge of an experienced flipper to help or provide me with some guidance about expanding the e-book with great content and up-to-date images.

What should be my next step with this site/ e-book selling system?

Thanks for your help.

I am still relativley new to website flipping

The best thing about that is that it’s not too late to get out! :slight_smile:


After I posted that, I felt bad, it doesn’t really help the OP. So let me add to this thread if I may.

dclawson, there is a lot of hype about on making money from flipping websites. The reality is a lot different. First, it’s a very, very competitive market. To make matters worse, the market’s in decline. There seem to be fewer and fewer people wanting to buy these turnkey sites to start a new business. The few that do consider it are snapped up by long established template sellers who’ve built a lot of value-add into their proposition e.g. they give free tech advice, free hosting etc., etc.

The forum in my signature is where a lot of website buying and selling is discussed, but it wouldn’t be right for you. Ask for help on selling an ebook on siteflipping and, I’m afraid, the members will probably come down on you like a ton of bricks. You can, however, try for partners in places like forums at flippingnetwork, flipwebsites and other sites where flippers congregate to discuss these matters / reminisce about the good times.

For suggestions on selling ebooks there are other sections in Sitepoint where you could get help.