Flipping Book - any suggestions for this?

Firstly, i am still very new to this whole game so if I make daft statements, please be tolerant!

I have a project which necessitates a Flip Book. Normally that would be fine because there are plenty of off the shelf solutions to choose from but i need one where people can add information to the different pages (basically a diary that people can flick back and forth through, adding personal information as they go… which is automatically and instantly available in the flipping book).

Are there any such Flip Books around that allow that degree of interaction with viewers?

I did find this example on the sitepoint forums - jQuery test which is really clever… could that be adapted?

The limit of my knowledge is restricted to that in Ian Lloyds brilliant book “Build your own Web Site The Right Way” a book on CSSMastery and I’ve just started to learn about the server side so chose a book on Ajax, Javascript and PHP… but its early days and i am wondering whether its the right one! perhaps i should be learning something else eg jQuery?

What would you choose because clearly the next stage is working with databases…