Flippa Support

Doesn’t anyone work during the U.S. or Canadian hours?

I don’t believe so - it’s an Australian based company, after all. Plus it’s now the weekend there…

Thanks for the reply. I tried calling their contact number on domain whois and no answer. I’ll have to wait until monday then. It doesn’t look good when my listing is promoted on Twitter and auction listing shows up as suspended.

Here’s the Flippa contact page - it says 9-5 Australian time, but doesn’t say what days of the week, so if you wait four hours, you can try then (it’s currently 5am there now according to the page)

edit: guess if it helps if I include the link: https://flippa.com/contact

Thanks for the link but I had already contacted them via that link and contacted Andrew from Flippa through his e-mail. Someone does work there since my domain auction was suspended by an Administrator. It would have been nice if they had sent a message or contacted me. I have a feeling they thought the domain was stolen. Funny how I helped them catch the thieves. You’ll see a credit to me on the Flippa blog: http://flippa.com/blog/watching-out-for-stolen-domain-scams/