Flippa payment issue

Dear forum members,

I want to make a payment on Flippa.com to complete listing of a domain I want to sell.The problem is we do not use paypal for payment in my location. i want someone knowledgeable about domain transaction to help me answer this questions. my questions are:

  1. what is escrow transaction? if it is allowed on Flippa,can i use it to make payment for the listing?

  2. How can i get a WorldPay (Credit Card) to enable me pay and complete my listing.

  3. visa debit card payment is allowed on Flippa . yet I can’t use it to make payment . can anybody please tell me how to solve this problems.

I need urgent reply

thank you.

You might not get a reply for a few hours as it’ll still be the weekend at SitePoint HQ. I’ve asked @HAWK; to flag it with the relevant people at HQ.

Hi there,
I can certainly send some Flippa staff this way to answer your questions, but it is a public holiday in Australia today so it may not be until tomorrow.

" patchris97 ",

We’ve located your Flippa Support Request, and we’ll respond to you soon. As Hawk mentioned, we have a Public Holiday here in Melbourne Australia,
so there’ll be some delays responding to your request.