Flickr? registering without a Yahoo! I.D

I would like to have a Flickr account but I’m not interested in opening a Yahoo! email address for me to register.

Is there anyway possible of me registering with my own, private email address?


Do what everyone else who has signed up for flickr in the last 3 years has done and ignore the yahoo inbox. Or forward the yahoo inbox to your other email address. Is this really a big deal?

You can have a flickr screenname that’s different from your yahoo address so nobody will guess an email address from your username.

So I need a Yahoo account is what your saying? You could of said that!

may be yahoo is in the need of business and thats the reason they had an tieup wit flickr… hope yahoo dont come saying if you join yahoo, you 'll need to join flicker aswell…to keep yours yahoo account active :wink:

I doubt it would ever work that way (Yahoo forcing people to join Flickr). And considering Yahoo is the world’s largest webmail provider (as of Jan 08 at least) I don’t think their Yahoo account requirement for Flickr was to make their numbers look better vs competitors. It’s just a lot easier to deal with large infrastructure like Yahoo’s if all your users are managed under the same authentication system rather than having a bunch of different and incompatible ways of doing the same thing.