I have an issue with a flexbox layout. I have three divs inside a parent div (flex) and each child div is 240px wide. When I shrink the window, all child divs squish and it messes up my layout. What I want is to break into a new line when the browser hits the breaking point. Is there a fix for this? Thanks…

Cam we see the code you have? It should wrap by default.

Well its supposed to, but trying it (in Firefox) it does not, you must state:

flex-wrap: wrap;

Before it wraps.


You should quote code as @SamA74 said, or make a JSFiddle / Codepen / CSSdeck. On the other hand, you might not need Flexbox after all, since you want your divs to keep their widths.

Not true, the default is not to wrap.

It worked like a charm. I was testing on Firefox :slight_smile: Thanks a lot…

Hi, I am using flexbox for alignment purposes. I also wanted to give it a try since I never used it before. I must admit it is awesome…

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