Flat (non-beveled) html color frame border

How would I go about creating a flat (non-beveled) black html frame border? In other words I dont want the frame border to show any gray edges.

Use the border property. For example you can assign a border to this image using a class

<img class="redborder" src="xxx" width="xx" height="yy" alt="Image description" />

And this CSS

border: 1px solid #ff0000;

even showing the border as described a slight gray edge exists on either side of the border

I’m sorry, I misread what you were asking. I don’t know how to make a flat border for a frame :frowning:

Flat frames. Hmm. Try…

<FRAMESET cols="20&#37;, 80%" BORDER="0" FRAMEBORDER="NO" style="border:4px solid #000;">

Obviously, you can experiment with variations on border width, sides, etc. This seems to display OK under IE…

Kid Koala