what is the difference between these two?

specially FIREWORKS? what is this? what is this can do?

can you explain it to me as simple and easy to understand explanation.

thank you very much in advance.

Well Flash is for creating interactive content and applications, plus animations and Fireworks is a graohics program similar to Photoshop but more inclined for creating web graphics then working with photography.

so FIREWORKS is just another like version of PHOTOSHOP.

so FIREWORKS almost equal to PHOTOSHOP right?

it’s the same meaning GRAPHICS EDITOR PROGRAM. designed for WEB only.


so what is the advantage of using FIREWORKS? and not PHOTOSHOP instead?

thank in advance.


Fireworks is simpler and easier to understand.

Price is a factor, though I am not sure if there is an advantage. Each program has it’s own features as well as sharing some others.

Fireworks can do other stuff like create animated gifs (not sure about photoshop) and CSS/javascript menus (not that you’d want to).

Why are you asking for a comparison? Are you thinking of buying one? If you tell us what tasks you need to do, maybe we can tell you which application would be appropriate to use.

Fireworks is like photoshop, with simplier style editing

Fireworks can do other stuff like create animated gifs (not sure about photoshop)

Image Ready will do that for you, it comes bundled with Photoshop.

Fireworks is like Imageready and since Adobe bought Macromedia I would imagine that the new versions of these two applications are the same :wink: They look the same, the interface is the same. But for some reason Fireworks has an amazing Jpeg compression engine, which seams way better than the one used within Imageready.

Si :slight_smile:

I would say Fireworks is better than Image Ready.

Well ther is no such thing as better…its all about the user and the users skills.and what you feel more comfortable using.
for example…I am more confortable using firefox for graphics that i start from scratch then bakc in forth with PSD.

anyone who uses the both can easily tell you that the plug-ins for example arent quite the same…lots of stuff you do in either one…you might end up using some kind of fliter and they both carry different filters. so comparing the two can be crucial to the efficiency or the capability i should say of each of them.