Flash satay embed question?

I originally had this post in the flash section but I believe it may have been the wrong venue since I was receiving no insite on the subject. So…

This is the flash satay method…

<object type=“application/x-shockwave-flash” data=“c.swf?path=movie.swf” width=“400” height=“300”>
<param name=“movie” value=“c.swf?path=movie.swf” />
alt content here

If I have “c.swf?path=” in the link the flash doesn’t show locally (havn’t checked live yet?). If I remove that part from the link the flash does work. This is for a menu not a movie. So my question is… is this bit needed for a basic .swf? Is it only beneficial for a flash movie? It has something to do with streaming the flash in IE. Without it ie apparently has to wait until the movie is downloaded before it can show it. But does this apply for a basic .swf file? Thanks!

Ps. I tried dynamic swfobject but it was entirely too slow to show the menu. Currently I’m using static swfobject but am looking for a better less hacky alternative.

That ?path= part means that c.swf is a swf player written in SWF, so the question would be just exactly what are you using for a player (since they’re like eighty of them). If you just want to play the movie.swf raw because it’s not a movie, just point at the destination file instead of the intermediate player.

Though “this is for a menu” means “this is NOT something that should be done in flash in the first bloody place!” since you just flushed accessibility down the toilet and effectively doubled your bounce rate since users like me wouldn’t even get a movie unless I manually enabled flash – and seeing flash for navigation type elements is one way to make sure I de-list the site on my google results.

Flash for menus goes right on the “how not to design a website” list alongside auto-playing music, useless distracting animations, fixed height containers around dynamic text and px metric fonts on content.

I have a nice HTML menu backup in cases of no flash so everything you just said is false in my case.