Flash Player

Hello, Looking for some advice. I’m attempting to build a small chat application. I have Flash Media Development server 4.5. And, im using ActionScript 3 code. For a chat application to work users have to connect to each other or, Flash Player has to know the where abouts and ID’s of other Flash Players. How you achieve this in your application? If you have knowledge or have experience i would appreciate if you could answer this.

Thank You.

You need server side scripting as well as client side. The server side scripting gathers and stores unique identifiers, then receives and broadcasts communications as required. There are drag and drop chat components for FMS, but only for AS2. There are tutorials on Adobe’s site that cover the basics of creating a chat application with FMS

Cheers EastCoast, For your reply. My knowledge of Server Side is pretty limited unfortunately. I am using AS3 i donk know AS2 so the drag and drop doesn’t apply to me. I have found a tutorial on fms guru website. Anyway, thank you again for your answer.

Quick question: Is there a reason why you are wanting to custom build this on your own? There are plenty of scripts, free and commercial available that do this already. Can’t you use them instead of building it yourself? If you must have it custom, can’t you edit the ones already on the market to your liking?