Fixed slideshow using css

I want to know is it possible to display slideshow in a fixed col and images should not scroll with the text or other contents in col2 of the webpage.


Of course


You can use position:fixed to keep an element fixed in the viewport while other content scrolls but is generally only useful for small headers or footers or a small sidebar. The reason for this is that once a fixed element sticks out of the viewport it is unreachable as viewport scrollbars do not scroll a fixed element (because it is fixed).

Unless you say right whatever. Then it will move left with the window

And obscure the content when the text wraps :slight_smile:

You can say left:0 right:0 but you would need to ensure that overflow:auto is also set for the fixed element but then starts to look a little messy. You can also top:xxpx and bottom xxpx but once again overflow would need to be set to auto.

Fixed elements are best at fixed widths and in small doses. I’ve been working with a fixed header for the last few months and its a real pain as its in a fluid site and when the text wraps it obscures the content so I’ve had to set a number of media queries to move the content away from the header at widths that its likely to wrap which of course doesn’t help with text re-size. I’ve had to use a script to monitor the headers height and when it increases or decreases then I change the padding on the content underneath. Lastly when the header is too narrow for its content another media query switches it back to non fixed. All in all its a real pain although it looks nice.:slight_smile:

Oh. I didn’t look. Just made a general statement. The site I’m doing now is all fixed. Very tricky I’m finding.