FIXED: IE6 Layout issue with inline-block


Could someone explain why each element in the following layout is displayed on a separate line in IE6?

I applied the IE6/7 inline-block fix found online but it hasn’t made a difference to IE6…

#yourElement {
display: inline-block;
*display: inline;
zoom: 1;}

Many thanks,


Before even going over this problem, why in the world are you still coding for IE6. Literally NOONE uses that browser.

Edit: Where is the #yourElement in the HTML? I don’t see it.

Tell me about it. Regrettably I work with a number of civil service departments that haven’t updated their platforms yet. I hear this should happen soon (they’ll jump straight to IE10) but until then I have no say in the mater…

Edit : yourElement is the standard fix I found. It’s in .wfVarElement in my layout.

I weep for you, my friend. I weep.

I obviously don’t have IE6 installed so let’s tackle this. Please respond fast to this thread so we can knock everything out. First things first, place a 1px border around the .wfVarElement class and gimme a screenshot of what it looks like in IE6. Let’s go from there. You are my eyes.

The forum won’t let me upload images :frowning:

I use (with for IE6 but it seems to be working now. Maybe I was working off previously cached styles.

Ho hum.

Thanks all the same

That was a suspect of mine. I saw no other reason for the element to be behaving as blocks since you did the technique correctly.

We are here if you need any more help. Good luck.

Great. Thanks a lot!

“out of the frying pan and into the fire” :wink:

IE10 has less usage than IE8 and will be on few systems soon. The current version is IE11 which has much better support for everything than all previous versions. A jump to IE10 at this stage would be nonsense :slight_smile:

It’s not htat IE10 is that bad of a browser or IE8 is a good browser but I believe the reason is hammy down computers (XP) that people hold onto. IE8 is the last IE that is supported from XP so it’s likely that browser will remain around for a while.

I do find it odd you guys would not just upgrade to IE11 considering you’d already be making an upgrade - just go the full distance.

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