Fix footer that stays at bottom of window even when page height changes

I know similar topic has been discussed and I also read about creating footer at the bottom of the page, I think Paul created this, also visited his web page.

However, I have seen footer that remained at the bottom of pages regardless of the height of the content. Look at this MSNBC news page, the footer contains links to twitter and face book and it stays even when the content or height changes. Here is an example of the fix footer.

What I like about this is the footer remains put and stay into position even if you have to scroll vertically.

Again most of the fix footer designs I have seen will drop when the content height changes.

I’m thinking this is some kind of scripting and not pure CSS/html.

How can I get this kind of footer on my page?

Copy and paste will do but I prefer a tutorial.

Thanks everyone.


Position:fixed; left:0; bottom:0; is all you need.