First day of my Every Job

Hello Every One,

I want to discuss first day of every new job, i feel very uncomfortable on first day of every new job, it is very hard to face new faces and new environment, and very hard to past a single minute.
What you say, is it happens with you.?
Are you agree with Me.?

How often do you start a new job? For most people it’s only every few years. For me it has been so long I can’t remember, but any discomfort on the first day soon vanished.

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I only ever started two jobs, and the second one was working in a company set up by some people who’d left the first one, so I knew them all anyway. But weird how being in a different physical office, albeit with the same people, it still took me a while to get used to things.

I don’t think I could be one of those people who changes to a new job every couple of years, though I accept that does have some advantages. I don’t meet new people well, so I figure I’d probably find it as awkward as the OP does.

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after near about one or two years i started a new job, due to good opportunity.

and faced that problem on each one.

one of the reason for this is that the old employees are already having a conversation with each other and doesn’t easily include new employee, so the new employee felt sort of left out even though he is included in professional conversations but informal conversation can make a difference

It is important.
It should be a part of the joining process, but only if the employer has a well structured HR team. In a smaller team, it would be a collective team effort to assimilate the new joiner.
As an important member of our startup, I take it as my responsibility to hand hold and make him/her feel welcome.

that’s very nice :slight_smile: it seems like you’re good at your job